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Here we have the thoughts of Sally At Deliberately Delicious on the fantasy community we’re thinking about. This is just beautiful, and I couldn’t agree more! Advertisements

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Originally posted on An Etiquette Guide for Sluts:
WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SEXIST HUMOUR. DO NOT READ IF THAT KIND OF THING BOTHERS YOU, ALRIGHT? Me and Darla, the Gypsy Temptress of Oh I Do Blather on a bit don’t I…

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Goddess Gate

Rose, over at “butimbeautiful” and An “Etiquette Guide for Sluts” has hatched a plan, a fun sounding, ingenious plan, wherein we create (in our minds at least) the rules and reg.’s for our own little paradise, our’ womens’ community, where … Continue reading

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The Versatile Blogger Award

A few weeks back I announced that I had been awarded The Versatile Blogger Award by Sally, over at Shine.( &  She writes about life after divorce, and dating (and deciding NOT to date, most recently) and raising two … Continue reading

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Music And Fun Off The Mountain (Or, Boomers ROCK!)

I left the mountain on Sunday to go to a show in the flatlands, in Burbank. It was one of Jonny Whitesides “MessArounds”, and it was a blast, worth the two hour plus drive along the winding roads. I was … Continue reading

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A Leaky Trailer And A Summer Mountain Storm

CR-ACK goes the thunder that wakens me from a dead sleep Lightning so close my hair should be singed I look to find my dog Still asleep at my feet This good dog This gun dog Undisturbed by a sound … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Funny or Tragic:
I’m amazed that my dog is speaking to me.  Well, not speaking (I’m not crazy, I just fake it to get through the line at the bathroom faster) but wanting to hang with me…

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