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Faerieworlds 2014, a Review

I’m cozy in my bed, with socks on and earplugs at the ready, though the realm isn’t too boisterous at this hour, so I don’t think I’ll need them… But, it’s damp and I’m trying to sleep on a hill, … Continue reading

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Love, Travel and Writing ( and how a psychic foretold it all!)

Love is what brought me back to writing.  Go figure. I was parked and camped at the Cow Palace in 2011, at The Great Dickens Christmas Fair, and there I was, a homeless boothie/vendor/member of the great family that is … Continue reading

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Blossom, a writing prompt

Here’s the thing about blossoming:  As any gardener can tell you, in order for a plant to blossom it has to grow, and in order to grow, it has to work its way through some shit.  It’s pretty much the … Continue reading

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Night Memories

Fond memories of us, up all nite, we wild ones in SF . Oh yeah! Shiney-shiney girls, mad hair and ripped clothes, we grab our boards and skate up Broadway from The On, or The Mab, to City Lights, where … Continue reading

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Oh What A Beautiful Morning

My mind does a funny thing…whenever I’m thinking hard about something, or I’m concerned or upset, sad or mad, or just plain befuddled, I wake up to my subconscious singing to me: Oh what a beautiful morning Oh what a … Continue reading

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Music And Fun Off The Mountain (Or, Boomers ROCK!)

I left the mountain on Sunday to go to a show in the flatlands, in Burbank. It was one of Jonny Whitesides “MessArounds”, and it was a blast, worth the two hour plus drive along the winding roads. I was … Continue reading

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Goose Egg: or my rambling rant on the state of the economy, politics, crappy crafts fairs, libertarian-lunatic Ayn Rand-ians, and, why I want to quit my day job

Goose Egg. And I’m not talking about the kind of Goose Egg I got from my dog last week when he knocked me down with his tied up self and I smacked my head against the disassembled racks laying on … Continue reading

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