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I’m developing a new theory:  I think Lit classes are actually designed to make book lovers learn to HATE books.  Anybody else out there (especially writers) who’ve had a hard time in Lit class? I got my essay back, one … Continue reading

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I want to be manhandled Pressed against a wall Thrown around like a ragdoll Not hurt But subdued In a playful way I want you to pull Aphrodite from me And make Diana sit on her bow And wait And … Continue reading

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There’s a time when you like A man whose space Doesn’t coincide with your space Whose jagged edges Rub brusquely against Your most tender parts You tear You whine You whimper But ever to yourself You never let him know … Continue reading

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He was sparkly Like a handheld firework on a July night in 1964 And she felt about him the way she had at the age of six About that sparkler in her hand Excited And happy And like the special-ist … Continue reading

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A Short And Old-Fashioned Poem About Self-Worth

Like starving dogs they wait for crumbs With soulful, doleful, pleading eyes While I the mighty, proud and lofty tigress take For me and mine The whole cake ‘Tis true I may be burnt By cake too hot for soul … Continue reading

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Back In The Hood Again

Back in the hood again I open the door to sounds Of automatic weapon fire Ten shots Quick succession Dogs bark Sirens shrill Back in the hood again Older now Not twenty-five this time Not thirty-five nor forty But fifty-four … Continue reading

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A Leaky Trailer And A Summer Mountain Storm

CR-ACK goes the thunder that wakens me from a dead sleep Lightning so close my hair should be singed I look to find my dog Still asleep at my feet This good dog This gun dog Undisturbed by a sound … Continue reading

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