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I got a message from a guy on OkCupid last Friday: “How was your’ week?” he asked. “Fabulous. How was yours?” I answered I looked up his profile. Dreadlocks to his waist. I like that, definitely has a discernible edge, … Continue reading

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I miss the feeling…

I miss the feeling of pencil or pen on heavy, grainy paper, the texture and the sound it makes as my thoughts and ideas begin to grace the page.  Pencil I miss the most, the writing with it is visceral … Continue reading

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School, School, Wonderful School

More reasons school is the right step: Reason #1: It will help stifle the persnickety voice in my head that tells me I should be sewing instead of writing. “Like, uh, Darla, you get paid to sew, not to write, … Continue reading

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What The HELL am I Doing??? (Going Back To School, That’s What!)

I spent yesterday afternoon at Berkeley City College trying to enroll. I’m a nervous wreck! It occurred to me the other night that the reason it’s been so hard for me to write lately could have something to do with … Continue reading

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Back In The Hood Again

Back in the hood again I open the door to sounds Of automatic weapon fire Ten shots Quick succession Dogs bark Sirens shrill Back in the hood again Older now Not twenty-five this time Not thirty-five nor forty But fifty-four … Continue reading

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The Travelers, Hope

Dreddy-Glamour-Girl beat time with the rhythm on the bodhram with her manicured fingers, not so much with joy in the music, but, Sheila thought, to show the world, or this small sphere at least, just how cool she was. Sheila … Continue reading

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