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Unspecified (with Addendum)

Two friends; one turns to the other and says: “So, what’s going on with you and him? “Unspecified” says the other. “Whaddya mean?” Queries the first. “Well…I think we’re in each others lives to help fix our’ broken parts…I can’t … Continue reading

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The Deep Lush Soul of An Irishman

Part 1 Back in the late 80’s/early 90’s, everyone I knew, and, really, the whole world of young people, were wearing Pendletons and listening to grunge. The “Seattle Scene” was in full swing, Nirvana on the radio, Pearl Jam, Stone … Continue reading

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There’s something in the air….

…but it’s not love!  No,wish it were, but, unfortunately, it’s that OTHER “L” word: Longing…with maybe a wee bit of that third “L” word thrown in: Loneliness!  And it’s not just me. Nope, it seems to be pretty widespread right … Continue reading

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I have a friend that insists that I need to find a rich guy…see, she cares about me,  and she knows that I work too damn hard, and she’d just like to see someone take care of me for a … Continue reading

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