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I’m developing a new theory:  I think Lit classes are actually designed to make book lovers learn to HATE books.  Anybody else out there (especially writers) who’ve had a hard time in Lit class? I got my essay back, one … Continue reading

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Five great things to do on your blog!!!

Er, um, yeah…this may be why I haven’t been blogging much lately! Five great things to do on your blog!!!.

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I got a message from a guy on OkCupid last Friday: “How was your’ week?” he asked. “Fabulous. How was yours?” I answered I looked up his profile. Dreadlocks to his waist. I like that, definitely has a discernible edge, … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Rant

You know how people say that Armor-All is crack for your cars upholstery? How, once you start using it, your car gets addicted, and if you stop, the upholstery, dashboard, etc. will crack and fall apart. Well, retinol is crack … Continue reading

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Vanilla, Or, The Amazing Melty-Meltingness Of Some Things Human

Fifty Shades of Augghhhhh! My brain is melting!  So, I’ve been reading Speaker 7’s brilliant parody on “Fifty Shades of Grey” , and while I’m laughing hysterically at her work, there’s enough of the original books subtext to get me … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts Upon Waking

I just had the funniest series of random-thoughts-upon-waking! I had to get up to go use the privy (i.e. outhouse) It’s a tiny bit of a walk. Not far, but not right next to my trailer either. As I’m walking, … Continue reading

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Goddess Gate

Rose, over at “butimbeautiful” and An “Etiquette Guide for Sluts” has hatched a plan, a fun sounding, ingenious plan, wherein we create (in our minds at least) the rules and reg.’s for our own little paradise, our’ womens’ community, where … Continue reading

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