The Versatile Blogger Award

A few weeks back I announced that I had been awarded The Versatile Blogger Award by Sally, over at Shine.( &  She writes about life after divorce, and dating (and deciding NOT to date, most recently) and raising two sons all on her own. She’s an interesting read and has some great perspectives on life (we never DO stop growing, do we!?!)

It’s taken me awhile to get this done, because, well, I’m parked at the moment in a place that has no internet access, so, I haven’t been able to read much, either of the blogs I follow, or new to me blogs that I want to follow. (I got bogged in the blogs, as it were!) I’ve decided that what I’m going to do is give the awards five or six at a time, instead of all fifteen at once. That way I won’t have to spend fourteen years at Starbucks trying to get this thing out!

But first, I’m supposed to tell Sally seven things about myself:

1.)I’ve always felt like a gypsy. When I was in elementary school, I loved to be a gypsy for Halloween….one of my favorite costumes was a black circle skirt from the 50’s (and my moms closet) a peasant blouse and lots of beads. (Best Halloween costume EVER!) I was a gypsy and damned proud of it!

2.)I really AM a gypsy now, except without all the grifting and scamming of old people we associate with the true Romanies. I say I’m a gypsy because I live in a 31′ Airstream trailer. It’s like a giant aluminum Vardo rolling down the road.

3.)I once built a wooden vardo (a gypsy wagon) It was seventeen feet shorter than my Airstream and weighed a few hundred pounds more. It was a bitch to pull.

4.)I’m a damn fine carpenter!

5.)When I got the letter from my lenders saying that they were going ahead with the foreclosure on my house, I went straight to the store and bought fuchsia hair dye. I figured that living within the confines of “the real world” hadn’t worked out so well for me, so I was going to go back to being ME. I have never regretted that decision, though I still am bummed about the house!

6.) I thought for a bit that I might become the Dorothea Lange of the “New Depression”, taking pictures of all the displaced people across the U.S. I decided not to because:

    a. I’m not that good of a photographer, and

    b. I discovered there’s somebody already doing that, someone who IS a photographer!

7.)Never one for convention (see #5!) I’m going to throw out the rules and continue.

8.)When I graduated from Fashion Design School in 1983, I wanted to be a writer.

9.)The fiction I tried in 1983 was awful: good ideas, but stilted and bad writing. Close to unreadable.  Even I was mortified when I tried to read it!

10.)The poetry, however, was fabulous!

11.) I am a published poet—okay, so it was the 1984 San Francisco Poets calender, but that counts, right?

12.)I had a bit of notoriety amongst poets in San Francisco way back then. There was the “fight” between academic poets and street poets, as to which were the true and gifted poets. I was a street poet, proud to be part of a grand San Francisco tradition.

13.)I felt that punks were the Beats of MY generation!

14.)I gave up my dreams of writing at that time because:

    a.) Poets didn’t make a living writing, they made a living teaching (think, The Naropa      Institute, Allen Ginsburg, etc.) and teaching would’ve been the seventh level of hell for me!

    b.) I had spent two years and several thousands of dollars learning how to be a designer

    c.)I’m a damned good designer!

15.)I started writing again late last December, when I discovered that the most amazing thing about online dating was writing and reading profiles!

16.)I now have enough ideas to change my “about” page to something that might even be interesting!

There ya go, over TWICE the requested facts about myself (I’m not blatherbabe for nothing!)

Now to the awards:

  1. The first goes to Scotty Dodd, aka Duncan Scott Scrymgeour, over at My Everygay Life.   Scotty is an old friend of mine, from the Renaissance Faire AND the punk rock days together (We were among the first five punks AT The Renaissance Pleasure Faire!)  Scotty has always been a story teller par excellence!  Before he took to writing his stories, we would often wonder whether what he was saying was fact or fiction (in the fullness of time, I must admit that a lot more turned out to be fact than we ever thought at the time!)  Scotty also taught me to blog…and when I asked him if he would teach me to twitter too, he responded with “Why yes, grasshopper.” You have to read  and and  Scotty is SO VERY FUNNY!!!!!  (There were a few more I wanted to direct you to, but, apparently they’re archived, so I couldn’t get to them…Scotty, where’s the one about the two Scorpio’s (your’ mom and brother) at the breakfast table with the histrionic Leo (YOU!)???  (Btw, this award goes to Scotty/aka Duncan only, not to Smith Galtney, who now co-writes the blog. Scotty’s better, that’s just the truth.)

2.Misadventures of a Brokenhearted Girl girl is so awesome! She reminds me a lot of me, when I was her age (i.e. young, way younger than I am at this old and gray, yet still undeniably cool stage of my life. She is undeniably cool, yet not old and gray!) The first thing I ever read by her struck me so hard that I couldn’t even comment: struck dumb, I was! Her words were so raw, so full of pain, yet so eloquent! I both worried for her and applauded her courage and her talent. She writes poetry, soul searing poetry that takes you right to the place she inhabits. I’m happy to report that she’s gotten over whatever man-what done-her wrong, but hasn’t lost her voice in the process of getting happy! Here’s to her success in all things writing, wromance and life!

3.Pumpkin Von Bandersnatch

What can I say? Pumpkin is an author/illustrator in the graphic novel vein…I was the single mom of a cooler-than-anybody boy, so, I think graphic novels rock the world! And Pumpkin? Well, despite being a PHD student, Pumpkin puts out a completely scripted, inked and colored page every effing day (okay, so he’s slowing down of late, since schoolwork beckons [or maybe shouts!] but the things this guy accomplishes are mind boggling! Who has this kind of time?And FUNNY AS HELL to boot!!! Here’s my favorite recent post:


So, if The Versatile Blogger award is for writers only, then Myanimosity doesn’t fit, but if it’s for bitchen’ blogs, then this girl really delivers. She usually posts single frame pictures, or sayings, and they are usually quite apropo! Here’s what she posted a few days ago that just hit where it should:


Okay, this is a dear friend of mine, my best friend, as a matter of fact, and I’ve struggled with whether to give this to her…she’s only just started writing her blog, and she’s till working out the bugs…does she really deserve an award, after only five posts? I mean, come on, it took me six months to get mine….but, yeah… she does! Never knew she had talent before, in writing anyway, but I’m glad to say she wears her heart on her keyboard…and she’s a deep, soulfull girl (woman!) with a whole lot to say! I think you all will enjoy reading her, and hopefully this will encourage her to continue spilling it in electronic fonts! Here’s something she wrote recently that’s a homage both to the days of punk rock, and to my/OUR dear friend Scotty!

So, everyone, congratulations, you now have an award for your’ writing (yeah, I know, it’s a tiny bit cheesy to get a blog award, but it’s still pretty fucking cool, isn’t it!?!!)(Well I think it is! I was delighted to get mine! ) So go to and read the rules and post your’ versatile blogger widget…and when you’ve figured out how, let me in on the secret, cuz this Luddite can’t figure out quite HOW to put the button on my page…

I love you all!




About babedarla

I've spent years as a clothing/costume designer with my own business, but a recent life change has put me on a journey of self discovery and returned me to my first love: writing!
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8 Responses to The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. LLynn Ritz says:

    Now you are making me want to follow those links to read theirs…………But I think I will just stick to the one I enjoy and not make it work ! Sticking with blatherbabe !!

  2. Hey there, thanks so much for your nomination, I’m really flattered! 🙂

  3. Deliberately Delicious says:

    Hello, fair gypsy woman. I can hardly wait to explore the work of the bloggers you’ve nominated and written about so eloquently! (But, first, I’m going sailing, because what the hell!)

  4. Congratulations – richly deserved! I sort of think you deserve an award for being an exciting person – living fiction? I love the gypsy thing and deeply admire the carpentry, cause I can’t do it AT ALL.

    • babedarla says:

      It’s funny, while I DO think I’ve had an interesting life, I also feel like it’s boring sometimes! As for carpentry, I have sawdust in my veins: my dad was a master cabinetmaker, and my son is working with a contractor!

  5. Nadine Haven says:

    Awaiting more posts!

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