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Oh, those Fantasy Fallback Crushes

Several years ago, when I started this blog I wrote about Fantasy Fallback Crushes. (https://blatherbabe.wordpress.com/2012/01/10/the-deep-lush-soul-of-an-irishman/) A fantasy fallback crush is a person you fantasize about when you’re going through a break-up, or a dry period, or maybe you’re just bored … Continue reading

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The Travelers

There were three more trucks when the travelers hit the farm this time. Shayla stepped down from the cab and ran to a smiling K, waiting in the corp yard. He swung her around as she nuzzled his neck…when they … Continue reading

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The End Times- Chapter 5?

Now that things were at an end, she could look back and try and figure out why the universe had wanted her to pay attention, why she had followed it’s path down the road to this man. She thought she … Continue reading

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Love in the Cloud: BestWorst (chapter 4?)

Best First date EVER! How could she NOT like this man? Tall, handsome, funny and sweet. They talked all night. They were so comfortable with each other. She felt as though he knew more about her, and she knew more … Continue reading

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Letting Go?

When I embarked upon this journey of self discovery, I decided that I was going to love the men who became part of my life “fully and with all my heart” and that, when something was over, I was going … Continue reading

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