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Oh, those Fantasy Fallback Crushes

Several years ago, when I started this blog I wrote about Fantasy Fallback Crushes. (https://blatherbabe.wordpress.com/2012/01/10/the-deep-lush-soul-of-an-irishman/) A fantasy fallback crush is a person you fantasize about when you’re going through a break-up, or a dry period, or maybe you’re just bored … Continue reading

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Blossom, a writing prompt

Here’s the thing about blossoming:  As any gardener can tell you, in order for a plant to blossom it has to grow, and in order to grow, it has to work its way through some shit.  It’s pretty much the … Continue reading

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A Short And Old-Fashioned Poem About Self-Worth

Like starving dogs they wait for crumbs With soulful, doleful, pleading eyes While I the mighty, proud and lofty tigress take For me and mine The whole cake ‘Tis true I may be burnt By cake too hot for soul … Continue reading

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Another Monday Morning Rant

The best trait I got from my mother is a lively sense of humor, though I am luckier than she, in that I have the ability to laugh at myself for my many faux pas. My mom, however, when caught … Continue reading

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Deletion and Apology

I am deleting “Words part 2” from this blog, and it will not be a chapter in any book. Why? Because it puts a man who was kind to me, a man I care about in an awful light. He … Continue reading

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