The Travelers

There were three more trucks when the travelers hit the farm this time. Sheila stepped down from the cab and ran to a smiling K, waiting in the corp yard. He swung her around as she kissed him on the neck…when they swirled to a stop, she held both hands around his faced and asked “May I kiss you?”

Oh,Baby, yeah!” he said, so she did.

The way the world worked these days, ya never knew…between the politics, and the weather, delays, and whatever powers that be, and powers that weren’t, you just never knew that a lover this time would be a lover next time. She was glad he was still hers.

We have a few more trucks, and a singer and a play, and some crap to buy…it’s some new stuff and the folks may like it, and I’m proud…

Oh, baby, we’ll love it, I know we will, we always do, and I wish you’d been here before…there’s new geese on the island.”

Really? A mating pair?”

Oh yeah, we have two pairs, and last fall more bucks than we’ve seen in years, and elks rutting like nobodies business..”

God, had it been so long? Here it was spring, and he was talking fall like she hadn’t even been here.

She had been, but only in the very beginning….

God she loved this man! She wished she never had to leave him, but she did! Her job was to go, and his job was to stay, and there was nothing to be done about that…

She knew, every time she left him, that the chance was that he would fall in love with someone else before the next time she came around again…or, she might fall as well…hence the “may I kiss you?” whenever they met. With their separate lives they did what they could do, and what they would do, to rebuild this broken world into a place of peace, and life in which their childrens’ children could thrive.

But oh, she loved this man! She thought about him from the moment she left, till the moment she returned! Time stretched so far, yet compressed to barely an instant from when she was in his arms to when she was in his arms again…Man! She LOVED him!

So, we’ve got three nights of entertainment, we’ve got four days of trading, we need food, and water, and rest for our horses. We need gasoline…charged batteries, usable solar cells….”

Whoa , so can we take a minute before we get right down to business?”

Well, no…I mean yeah…I mean I don’t know….look, can’t we just take care of business and then relax?”

Oh, no you don’t little lady! No business talk till I get to kiss you some.” He picked her up and pressed her against the building, wrapping his arms around her arms and his lips around hers! There was no way to refuse, and why would she want too anyway? She missed him as much as he missed her.

You big gorgeous man.” she murmured.

You big gorgeous girl.” he shot back.

Hey, watch it!” she said, playfully smacking his arm.

This was their joke. She had been a big girl, back in the time before, back when they first met. She was tall, there was no way that hunger could change that, but she no longer carried the weight that sometimes slowed her movements and tired her out. Now her body was sinuous, and if she was tired, it was from pure hard work. He hadn’t thought her to be a big girl then, and when she called herself one he told her so. Well, she had already lost weight by the time she met him, but nothing like the weight she had lost since…she supposed she would be gaunt like some of the others had she not had a bit of padding to start with.

Life was hard, it was true, but she was happy.


About babedarla

I've spent years as a clothing/costume designer with my own business, but a recent life change has put me on a journey of self discovery and returned me to my first love: writing!
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4 Responses to The Travelers

  1. Good stuff! Very easy style to read, is this the first part of a longer work? Looking forward to seeing where it’s going if so

  2. babedarla says:

    Yes, it is. Hoping for it to be my second novel (first one, I’m working on now is a thinly disguised memoir…this would be the first truly fictional work)
    Glad you liked it, and I’m so glad it was easy to read…got a lot of research to do on this one, but do keep track!

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