All Them Fishies…

She thought she was going to get through this without having her heart scathed in the process. Nope, no such luck. With the dying down of the excitement of being with old friends in a new town came less busy-ness, and thus she had time to think…process…ponder…

Wallow was more like it!! Yep, she was wallowing…she was crying…she was depressed. Dammit! She wanted to just be done and move on! For crying out loud, yeah, she had fallen hard for this guy, BUT it had only lasted six weeks, she wanted to be OVER IT, already!

(Of Course it had only been two weeks since she’d left, you’d think she’d have been able to cut herself some slack…but again, no, no such luck!)

Time to take care of herself, get busy again, go on walks, hikes, ferry rides, anything to make her happy and feel joy and NOT obsess over something that couldn’t be, with someone who was not right for her, who couldn’t  imagine something long-term with her! She grabbed the leash and drove with her dog to the shoreline. Time to clear her mind! Time to get over this man who had made her cry and feel lonely. Time to free her heart to be open to a man that might be able to love her the way she wanted (and deserved!)to be loved…

She started to feel better during her walk. She only cried once…okay, twice!

Yeah, maybe three times…

On her way home she went to Town and Country Market, the upscale Bainbridge Island purveyor of foodie delights, to get some Ahi for a salad. (nothing like food, delicious AND healthy to signify taking care of ones self!) There was no Ahi, this being the Pacific Northwest and all. (there were things she missed about California, she had to admit, one of them being proximity to deepwater tuna from sub-tropical waters; this made her favorite fish available at anytime, in any supermarket!)

There was, however, some fresh albacore, so she asked the butcher about it:

Is the albacore suitable for searing?”

Oh yeah, absolutely!” answered the butcher. Oh man, he was cute! Dark hair, beautiful smile with flashy white teeth…gorgeous eyes too! (her friend, The Guitarist, asked her later if the guy had green eyes, knowing what she liked, and she said yes….but then she had to rescind that statement, saying that she hadn’t really noticed what color his eyes were….but in her imagination they were green!)

She asked for ¼ pound piece of the fish. He picked up a small tuna steak and threw it on the scale: ¼ pound exactly!

Well, look at that,” she said “perfect!”

Yeah, it’s like I knew you were coming.”

And you said ‘Oh, that woman is coming for the ¼ pound of albacore…I’ll have to get it ready!’ “

So I did, and look! Here you are!”

God, he was adorable!

While he wrapped the bit of fish he complimented her on her hat, said he liked the way it went with her outfit. (awwwww!)

She remembered how her advice on flirting had been so successful for The Guitarist; so, she decided to use what she knew to take this up a notch, from very friendly to slightly flirtatious… she noticed his name tag.

Is there anything else I can get you today?” he asked.

No, Matt, I think that’ll be it.”

His smile got wider. Did she detect a bit of a blush? “So what’s your’ name?” he queried.

She told him.

Hi, Dee. my name’s Ma…uh…um…nice to meet you!” He stammered.


He was definitely blushing now, as was she!

Nice to meet you too!” she said, smiling as she turned to walk away. She caught sight of the other, older butcher smirking in the background.

She had done it! She had used what she’d learned (from a BOOK!!!!) to be bold and flirt with a total, albeit very attractive stranger! Yee-haw! Boy did she feel better! There WERE more fish in the sea (‘scuse the pun, albacore and all!) and she may just be learning how to “hook ’em”!!!

“Next assignment:” she thought “Practicing boldness without fleeing afterwards!”

She sensed more fish in her future!


About babedarla

I've spent years as a clothing/costume designer with my own business, but a recent life change has put me on a journey of self discovery and returned me to my first love: writing!
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3 Responses to All Them Fishies…

  1. Wow, Darla, do you really do this sort of stuff! I am amazed and impressed. I’ve never flirted with a strange man in my entire life! Mind you, it’s a bit late to start now. I’m always thinking they’re probably married.

  2. babedarla says:

    (Damn, she saw through my thinly veiled fiction! LOL!)
    Well, I didn’t SEE a wedding ring…not that I was looking….well, honestly, I haven’t flirted with a strange man in…forever! My worry is more that I’ve misjudged their age and that the guy ends up being closer to my sons age than mine…for some reason the young ones LOVE me! I’m thinking (hoping!) that this guy was somewhere in his late thirties (Oh please, oh please, oh please!) But I guess I won’t know until I go back for some more fish! If he’s 24, I’m going straight to the optometrist for new glasses!
    The basic thing is, Rose, I’m practicing! I’ve been out of the dating arena forever and a day, and my flirting skills (if I ever really had any!) are rusty, to say the least! I’ve also been too insecure to flirt with strangers (“what if he thinks I’m ugly?” or stupid,etc.) but, I figure, what the hell, I’m 53 years old, if I don’t go for it now, it’s NEVER gonna happen, so why not? (and, the last two guys I’ve been with, who were GORGEOUS!!!! called me gorgeous and beautiful, so, who am I gonna believe, the nagging critic inside my head or two gorgeous men?!!)
    So, girl, it’s NEVER too late to start!

  3. babedarla says:

    Oh, and besides, if it doesn’t go well, there’s always the advice I gave my son several years back when he was working on getting over his shyness: don’t be worried about making a fool out of yourself, cuz, if you do, they’re a stranger anyway, so you never have to see them again!

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