There’s something in the air….

…but it’s not love!  No,wish it were, but, unfortunately, it’s that OTHER “L” word: Longing…with maybe a wee bit of that third “L” word thrown in: Loneliness!  And it’s not just me. Nope, it seems to be pretty widespread right about now…

After I wrote my last post I thought that I was going to stop  blogging about love for awhile, figure out some other things to write about, perhaps not make myself quite so vulnerable in print, maybe even appeal to a wider audience.  But then a funny thing happened:  Because I’ve been so open on the subject of the search for love, both here and on Facebook, friends have started commiserating with me…a LOT of friends! More friends than I’ve ever had talk about it at any one time in the past!  Now, why is this?  Is it because there ARE more people searching right now, or am I’m noticing it so much  because I’M searching right now? Could be the latter, but I don’t think so!  Now, I may get a little namby-pamby-spiritual in the next few paragraphs, but, bear with me, I promise I’ll reach a logical conclusion!

So, why are more people searching right now?  Well, here’s my theory: After a pretty damn sucky year or two–or three–or, hell, even four!–we all want something bright and shiny in our’ lives, something splendid, something endearing, something life-giving to counteract all the loss we’ve all gone through in the past long while…death; job-loss; foreclosure; relationships that have gone to hell; businesses that have failed; friends that have abandoned us…these are some of the things that I’ve seen me and mine (and the entire country!) go through in a major way the past few years! The world as we knew it has changed considerably, and it’s probably NEVER going to be what it once was. Or what we thought it was.  Now, part of that change has been awful and tragic, whereas some of it maybe just FELT awful and tragic (why split hairs?  Pain is pain is pain!) But here we are, on the other side, or, perhaps just starting our climb out of the hole, or taking our first step forward through the tunnel, and, whatta we gonna do? Are we going to sit in the ashes and wail, like Job? (hair shirts anyone?) or are we gonna rise from the ashes like the Phoenix? (cool, I just mixed metaphors AND religions in  one sentence!) Well, I think we as a society are DONE with the weeping and wailing!  I think we’re all about the changing right now, and changing for the better! From the “We are the 99%” movement, to this sudden longing for love. We are redefining what is important to us, how we want to live our’ lives, how we want our’ world to spin…The big houses, 90 hour workweeks, grind, grind, grind, is not what’s important to us anymore…conversely, the fear and stress of not “making it” is not something we want to hold onto either.  What we want right now, is a life worth living and  someone to share this life with, good and bad, small and grand.  Our lives may be simpler than they were (thank the gods!) and they may not be as materially rich, but, emotionally they’ll be so much fuller and richer, lives in which we live, not just survive!

So, here’s what I surmise: I believe that so many people are looking and longing right now because the Universe is giving us the opportunity to burn through our inner obstacles to love, the opportunity to open ourselves to the world, to the Universe, and, to a heart out there that’s opening as well !  I believe it’s going to bring us to a very lovely and satisfying time in our’ lives and our’ society!

(Oh drat!  I put the logical first, and THEN the namby-pamby-spiritual!  Oh well, leave it to me to do it backwards!)

I will close with a quote from my dear friend Bevan:

 “It’s so rare, when it comes up, it’s like a fine wine, don’t you think? We will start a club called ‘When you open me up, it’s like opening a fine wine: Let the flora bloom!’

So everybody: JOIN THE CLUB!


About babedarla

I've spent years as a clothing/costume designer with my own business, but a recent life change has put me on a journey of self discovery and returned me to my first love: writing!
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6 Responses to There’s something in the air….

  1. Love Love Love! Love you and your blog and the way you think – Love that there is a movement toward more important things – I believe that is beginning, too. When I was reading your posts about online dating (gasp, cough-cough, giggle) and all the craziness there, I was surprised to see the same thought and or completely different thoughts put out by others who are openly yearning for love and light and relationship. We outta start a club! We could be yenta-ing for each other as well as loving each other more openly – giving support and laughter and strength. you are inspiring me, baby! ps – good one mixing Job and the Phoenix in one sentence!

  2. babedarla says:

    Thank you Elaine! I’m glad you like…no..LOVE it! That makes me feel great. I’ve always been an opinionated little cuss (you know me!) and it’s amazing to have a positive outlet for my rants,theories, and ideas! Not to mention just getting to play with language!
    My friend Scotty has been very instrumental in getting me to do this: encouragement,logistics, etc. You may remember him from the Agoura days: Scotty Dodd. He now goes my his given name,Duncan Scott Scrymgeor and I highly recommend HIS blog
    (I’m trying to figure out how to link it to MY page…almost, just not yet,lol!)
    (Also, I DO have to warn you that his current post is ostensibly about a “certain type of Christian”, but,you are indeed NOT that type,so pleas don’t be offended by what he says (it’s not meant to be offensive,and he comes to a GREAT conclusion!) So, read and enjoy! I know I laugh my a** off at everything he writes!
    Love You!

  3. babedarla says:

    Oh GOOD! I’d love to hear one or two sometime!

  4. Judy says:

    It’s not love that we yearn for. If it were, then family would be enough. Longing and loneliness are not what motivate us, otherwise hanging out in a crowd would satisfy us. No. It’s not an “L” word. it’s an “I” word. It’s intimacy. The kind of intimacy that comes from trust. The kind of trust that comes from long association and true friendship. If there is a hole in your heart, fill it with those whom you most deeply trust. Those are the ones who will help you, support you, heal you, laugh with you, forgive you, and not think less of you when they catch you scratching your ass or picking your nose. And if you are lucky and romance finds you, and there is deep trust established and tested over time, that doesn’t diminish the luster of those who cradled your heart in all the years before, nor does it make them unnecessary in the years that follow. They are your nest, your home, and your heart.

    • babedarla says:

      Do you write as well? Your’ words are beautiful! To me, intimacy is implied here when I speak of love, and that is what I long for,and what I see many of my friends and acquaintances long for…and of course that intimacy that we strive for can’t replace the friends who have held us over the years…their place in my heart,and my place in theirs can not be cast aside because someone is now sharing a bed…my life doesn’t work that way!
      Thanks for coming here and taking the time to read and comment. I very much appreciate it!


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