I have a friend that insists that I need to find a rich guy…see, she cares about me,  and she knows that I work too damn hard, and she’d just like to see someone take care of me for a change.  But a rich guy?  Never been on my agenda.  So, whenever she tells me I need to find a rich guy, I always answer back: “But I don’t have the right shoes!”

Now, this perplexes her, but let me explain:  Have you ever seen a rich woman in an airport?  Her shoes are perfect!  Not a scuff on them!  Fine leather, exquisitely detailed…perfect! Well, honey-child, I gotta tell ya, that ain’t me!  I am an absent minded professor when it comes to what I wear:  I sleep in my clothes!  I wear the same pair of shoes day in and day out until they wear out or the weather changes! I have what a friend once described to me as an “artists way with clothes”…I put on an outfit, shoes included, and I like the way it looks, I like the way it feels, I like what it says about me…and I wear it. I wear it until I feel different. I wear it until it feels different. I wear it until I want my clothes to say something different…I wear it until it’s time to present a new aspect of who I am to the world!  (Usually 3 or 4 days)  Now, would a RICH woman do this? A RICH woman who could land a RICH man?  No! Hell NO!  A rich woman puts on a new outfit at least once,   but probably several times a day, because what she is projecting is the image of someone manicured, someone pampered, someone perfect–with perfect shoes!–someone who is taken care of, who deserves to be taken care of, who wants and must be taken care of…and, again I say, that ain’t me!  I’ve always taken care of my own self, and, I admit, sometimes to my detriment, but I always have and always will…okay, since I’m admitting things,  I must  admit, that recently a guy came along, and he took care of me a bit, fixed some things on my Airstream, made me mulled wine, kinda treated me like a princess, and yeah, I gotta say, it felt good! I could get used to some of that, maybe let down my guard a bit and not have to do everything myself…but still, I don’t particularly see that that is going to be a RICH man that’s gonna do that for me…I still feel that the IMAGE that a rich man is looking for is the woman at the airport with the perfect shoes…not the rumply artist-child( okay, artist woman-child!) who wears the same clothes for four days straight because they reflect some esoteric vision that MUST be presented to the world! That’s not what a rich man wants!  But it’s what I want! It’s who I am, and who I adore being.  It’s the true me, the me I love, and the me I claim!

So, despite my friends best wishes, I’m probably never going to “find” that rich man she thinks I should be looking for….

Unless it’s one of those high-tech guys….they’re as rumpled as me!


About babedarla

I've spent years as a clothing/costume designer with my own business, but a recent life change has put me on a journey of self discovery and returned me to my first love: writing!
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