Oh I DO blather on,don’t I?

“Oh I do blather on, don’t I?”

I asked this of my dear friend Scotty the other night.

You see, I was online, on a dating site, and I messaged a guy. A cute, intelligent, interesting guy…and what I wrote to him was gorgeous, and well-worded, and simply the most beautiful piece of prose put into a letter of introduction ANYTIME in the last 25 years!  And….it was too much!  Way!  Too!!  Much!!!  So this poor guy who I had obviously terrified wrote me back this terse yet somehow compassionate little 2 sentence reply where  he thanked me for my “comprehensive and heartfelt” response. (groan) He then went on to say he was sorry I had put so much work into it, because at this time he chose not to continue our “encounter”!  Oh my, I could almost hear the bells of “stalker alert” pealing in this poor guys head! “Nutcake!” “fruitcake!”  “Run away, run away FAST!!!”  I mean, this guy didn’t know me, didn’t know that I am as sane as they come, wasn’t like my friend Scotty who so delightfully says “I love your’ blathering!”  This guy was a total, and unprepared, STRANGER!  Oh dear me! How….mortifying! Well, at first I was mortified, but but with my acute sense of irony and humor, that lasted a scant few minutes…and I of course mollified the mortification with a quick note of my own saying “No need to be sorry, I’m a talker. Good luck to you. Bye” (I had a shrink tell me once that the person who says the last word wins….!)

Then I just had to laugh,as I thought 

“Oh I do blather on,don’t I?”

As the embarrassment faded, I “jumped back on the horse” and got back to writing shorter, much, much, much-much SHORTER letters…no, NOTES(!) of introduction…in the hopes, of course, that eventually I’ll find a handsome, sweet, kind, intelligent, artistic, clever,  and,(yes,Scotty,I must say it!) STRAIGHT guy who loves my blathering!

Oh,and I have to add: it was the second time in less than a week that a man had responded to something I’d written to him using the word “heartfelt”!



About babedarla

I've spent years as a clothing/costume designer with my own business, but a recent life change has put me on a journey of self discovery and returned me to my first love: writing!
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12 Responses to Oh I DO blather on,don’t I?

  1. The 40 year old magpie says:

    Welcome to WordPress!!!!

  2. I think that women just have a way of sharing their heart that men can’t hear. You will find your penguin girl, one stone at a time.

  3. Steven Overstreet says:

    In the days of Dickens, when the language was deeper and attention spans were long, I’m sure any man would have been thrilled to receive such a missive from a lady such as yourself. But modern culture has produced people who respond better to bumper-stickers and ten second blurbs than to heartfelt prose. I would advise that next time you keep your letter of introduction brief and to the point. Might I suggest something more along the lines of the following?
    “Hi, I’m Darla and I gotta really nice rack. Wanna see?”

    • babedarla says:

      Stevie!! Hey now, don’t be ridiculous!! I’m wearing a bodice in my profile pix: they KNOW I’ve got a nice rack!

      • Steven Overstreet says:

        In that case, Darla, it must be a matter of pearls before swine.— Well, I guess that was the basis of my last posting. Perhaps you should offer them anything but reality. Some people just can’t deal with reality.
        Most of the things that people spend their lives persuing are just for solace anyway. They give the best part of their days away to create wealth, of which they only get to keep a small portion.
        They come home after spending their days moving paper from the in box to the out box and take solace in the toys they have bought with the small amount of their time’s value, that they have managed to keep.
        Their HD TVs, gameboys and their constant emersion in the flood of media hype, just by the fact that these things (like drugs) are always there for them, bringing them comfort and solace, make it such a bother to actually cultivate a deep relationship with an actual human being. Whack-off-websites never are too tired, or too demanding of them, never have needs of their own and never want to talk about topics like, well, HD TV, gameboy’s latest kill-fest, or Monday night football.
        I don’t think you would be happy with most of them anyway. You might want to ease into the heartfelt prose, but please don’t feel you have to hold your innermost feelings forever. If the time comes where you think they’re ready for it, release the inner bard and take a chance. If they are scared off — they’re not for you anyway. But you might just find the real thing.
        We write heartfelt prose because we are heartfelt pros.


      • babedarla says:

        Stevie…I hope you don’t think I was being anything other than facetious with MY comment about my rack!?! Anyway, would not typify this guy as swine ( though I WILL take the the pearls compliment, and I thank you for it) he’s just a guy that got overwhelmed by my enthusiasm but gave ME the gift of a great funny story and a renewed interest in writing! I don’t know if I’ll find my next great love through the personals…it’s a pretty weird way to go about it, after all (did you read my second post “window shopping for love”?) but for ME, even taking this step is a step in the right direction! Love ya D

  4. Just found your blog and love your writing. This post feeds into my insecurities that what I am attempting to say in print just won’t be read the way it sounded in my head when I typed it. I failed miserable in school at writing as I am a total art and math girl, sentence structure and punctuation still baffles me and probably always will. While I sometimes feel I would be content to retreat to my studio and stay in my comfort zone your blog encourages me, even if your well written blog makes me shudder at my lame attempt thus far. ( I think I’ve been way too worried about the “way it’s worded” and not enough on “just letting it be my thoughts”, those who get me won’t give a damn about where I placed a comma or if it could have been worded better, right?). I had to laugh about Mr “heartfelt’s” rejection, and loved your response. he was probably a bore anyway. Kris

  5. babedarla says:

    Wow Kris! First of all, I’m amazed you found THIS particular post, since it was written well over a year ago, but I’m glad you did. for me, it was always a battle between writing and art for me(I’ve been a costume/clothing Designer since 1983) Math, not so much, though I blame that on my teachers. They were really good at quashing the spirit.
    I would say just write. Write till you can write no more. Then go back and edit. Get it out of you, THEN decide if you need to reword it. Honestly, I don’t know anything about sentence structure, and punctuation can be difficult for me, since I don’t know the “rules” (when I was a kid, there was this thing called MGM, or “Mentally Gifted Minors” where they pulled us smart kids out of regular classes and put us in gifted classes…problem was, those regular classes were the ones that were supposed to teach us grammar and punctuation…as a result, anything I know about grammar/punctuation I learned through reading via “osmosis”! (of course now researchers are saying that’s the BEST way, but I still would’ve like to have learned what the hell a dangling participle was. I STILL don’t know, lol!)
    Thank you for your kind words, and yeah, I bet “Mr. Heartfelt” would’ve been a bore!

    • I’ll try that, maybe I can recruit an editor, lol. Hummm, I used to do a lot of rappelling/training and I think going off a city water tower once I might have encountered a dangling participle but I’m not sure, 🙂
      Sry, I didn’t realize the date on that post, I have a habit of going back to the beginning on blogs that I find. It’s like a good book, you just have to start at the beginning. Of course the fact that we are just starting out makes me curious about the how and why others started so that may be part of the reason also. Take care, Kris

      • babedarla says:

        I think it’s great to start from the beginning…I do that as well sometimes when I find a new blog.
        Btw, I went to your blog, and girl, you have nothing to fear. Your writing is fine, interesting and well written, so, stop beating yourself up and just write!
        So THAT” where the dangling participles have been hiding! LOL!

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